How to order

Shopping at is easy!

Since delivers vest before specific events, we do not ship the products. Any item that you choose will be picked up during the days prior to the event, before the race. You can even order items without creating an account on our page!

Danish law applies to your contract when you purchase with us at – Click to read about consumer protection in Denmark.

This is how you do it:

  1. Click on the item you like.
  2. Add what name you would like to have on the back of your OCR Vest. Max 28 characters.
  3. (Optional) In case you also want custom sponsor logo on your vest, you can add between 1-4 logos either in text (by filling out the text fields that say “Add text”) or by uploading an actual logo by clicking on “Browse…”.
    • It costs €9 per extra logo
    • Only files of type .eps, .ai, .svg or .png are supported. *REMEMBER that is not responsible for the quality of the image you upload. If the quality is not of good enough quality and ends up being pixelated, it is your own responsibility.* If the file type is .png, we recommend the picture to have a resolution of minimum 1500px in width and 300px DPI.
    • If your logo has a color similar to the background color of the vest, it will be printed in black/white.
  4. Choose your size.
  5. Add product to cart.
  6. Click at “View cart”, or click at the cart icon on the top right corner of the menu.
  7. Click at “Proceed to checkout”.
  8. At Checkout, you fill in your address and contact info and agree to the terms and conditions. Choose Payment Method. Click “Place order”.


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